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           The slapd.conf(5)  file  contains  configuration  information  for  the
           slapd(8)  daemon.  This  configuration  file  is also used by the SLAPD
           tools slapadd(8), slapcat(8), and slapindex(8).
           The slapd.conf file  consists  of  a  series  of  global  configuration
           options  that  apply to slapd as a whole (including all backends), fol-
           lowed by zero or more database backend definitions that contain  infor-
           mation specific to a backend instance.
           The general format of slapd.conf is as follows:
               # comment - these options apply to every database
               <global configuration options>
               # first database definition & configuration options
               database    <backend 1 type>
               <configuration options specific to backend 1>
               # subsequent database definitions & configuration options
           If slapd is compiled with --enable-slapi, support for plugins according
           to Netscape's Directory Server Plug-Ins.  Version 4 of the API is  cur-
           rently implemented, with some extensions from version 5.
           Both  global and database specific data may contain plugin information.
           Plugins associated with a specific database are  called  before  global
           plugins.   This  manpage  details the slapd(8) configuration statements
           that affect the loading of SLAPI plugins.
           Arguments that should be replaced by actual text are shown in  brackets
           The structure of the plugin directives is
           plugin <type> <lib_path> <init_function> [<arguments>]
                  Load a plugin of the specified type for the current database.
           The <type> can be one of preoperation, that is executed before process-
           ing the operation for the specified database,  postoperation,  that  is
           executed  after  the operation for the specified database has been pro-
           cessed, extendedop, that is used when executing an extended  operation,
           or  object.   The  latter  is used for miscellaneous types such as ACL,
           computed attribute and search filter rewriter plugins.
           The <libpath> argument  specifies  the  path  to  the  plugin  loadable
           object; if a relative path is given, the object is looked for according
           to the underlying dynamic loading package (libtool's ltdl is used).
                  able backends, as described  in  slapd.conf(5);  however,  since
                  both the dynamically loadable backends and the SLAPI plugins use
                  the same underlying library  (libtool's  ltdl)  its  value  also
                  affects  the  plugin search path.  In general the search path is
                  made of colon-separated paths; usually the user-defined path  is
                  searched first; then the value of the LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH environ-
                  ment variable, if defined, is used; finally, the system-specific
                  dynamic  load  path is attempted (e.g. on Linux the value of the
                  environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH).   Please  carefully  read
                  the  documentation of ltdl because its behavior is very platform


                  default slapd configuration file
                  default plugin log file


           "OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide" (


           OpenLDAP Software is developed and maintained by The  OpenLDAP  Project
           <>.   OpenLDAP Software is derived from Univer-
           sity of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

    OpenLDAP 2.4.40 2014/09/20 SLAPD.PLUGIN(5)


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