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           The  Perl  backend to slapd(8) works by embedding a perl(1) interpreter
           into slapd(8).  Any perl database section  of  the  configuration  file
           slapd.conf(5)  must  then  specify what Perl module to use.  Slapd then
           creates a new Perl object that handles all the requests for  that  par-
           ticular instance of the backend.
           You will need to create a method for each one of the following actions:
             * new        # creates a new object,
             * search     # performs the ldap search,
             * compare    # does a compare,
             * modify     # modifies an entry,
             * add        # adds an entry to backend,
             * modrdn     # modifies an entry's rdn,
             * delete     # deletes an ldap entry,
             * config     # module-specific config directives,
             * init       # called after backend is initialized.
           Unless otherwise specified, the methods return the  result  code  which
           will  be returned to the client.  Unimplemented actions can just return
           unwillingToPerform (53).
           new    This method is called when the configuration file  encounters  a
                  perlmod  line.   The  module  in  that  line is then effectively
                  'use'd into the perl interpreter, then the new method is  called
                  to  create  a  new object.  Note that multiple instances of that
                  object may be instantiated, as with any perl  object.   The  new
                  method receives the class name as argument.
           search This method is called when a search request comes from a client.
                  It arguments are as follows:
                    * object reference
                    * base DN
                    * scope
                    * alias dereferencing policy
                    * size limit
                    * time limit
                    * filter string
                    * attributes only flag (1 for yes)
                    * list of attributes to return (may be empty)
           Return value: (resultcode, ldif-entry, ldif-entry, ...)
                  This method is called  when  a  compare  request  comes  from  a
                  client.  Its arguments are as follows.
                    * object reference
                    * dn
                    * object reference
                    * entry in string format
           modrdn This method is called when a modrdn request comes from a client.
                  Its arguments are as follows.
                    * object reference
                    * dn
                    * new rdn
                    * delete old dn flag (1 means yes)
           delete This method is called when a delete request comes from a client.
                  Its arguments are as follows.
                    * object reference
                    * dn
           config This method is called once for each perlModuleConfig line in the
                  slapd.conf(5) configuration file.  Its arguments are as follows.
                    * object reference
                    * array of arguments on line
           Return value: nonzero if this is not a valid option.
           init   This  method  is called after backend is initialized.  Its argu-
                  ment is as follows.
                    * object reference
           Return value: nonzero if initialization failed.


           These slapd.conf options apply to the PERL backend database.  That  is,
           they  must follow a "database perl" line and come before any subsequent
           "backend" or "database" lines.  Other database options are described in
           the slapd.conf(5) manual page.
           perlModulePath /path/to/libs
                  Add the path to the @INC variable.
           perlModule ModName
                  'Use' the module name ModName from
                  Search results are candidates that need to be filtered (with the
                  filter in the search request), rather than search results to  be
                  returned directly to the client.
           perlModuleConfig <arguments>
                  Invoke the module's config method with the given arguments.


           Note:  in  previous  versions, any unrecognized lines in the slapd.conf
           file were passed to the perl module's config method. This  behavior  is
           deprecated  (but  still  allowed  for  backward compatibility), and the
           perlModuleConfig directive should instead be used to  invoke  the  mod-
           ule's config method. This compatibility feature will be removed at some
           future date.


                  default slapd configuration file


           slapd.conf(5), slapd(8), perl(1).

    OpenLDAP 2.4.40 2014/09/20 SLAPD-PERL(5)


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