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           multipathd [options]


           The  multipathd  daemon is in charge of checking for failed paths. When
           this happens, it will reconfigure the multipath map  the  path  belongs
           to, so that this map regains its maximum performance and redundancy.
           This  daemon  executes  the  external multipath config tool when events
           occur.  In turn, the multipath tool signals the multipathd daemon  when
           it  is  done  with  devmap  reconfiguration, so that it can refresh its
           failed path list.


           -d     Forground Mode. Don't daemonize, and print all messages to  std-
                  out and stderr.
           -v level
                  Verbosity level. Print additional information while running mul-
                  tipathd. A  level of 0 means only print errors. A level of 3  or
                  greater prints debugging information as well.
           -k     multipathd  will  enter  interactive  mode.  From this mode, the
                  available commands can be viewed by entering  "help".  When  you
                  are finished entering commands, press CTRL-D to quit.


           The following commands can be used in interactive mode:
           list|show paths
                  Show the paths that multipathd is monitoring, and their state.
           list|show maps|multipaths
                  Show the multipath devices that the multipathd is monitoring.
           list|show maps|multipaths status
                  Show  the status of all multipath devices that the multipathd is
           list|show maps|multipaths stats
                  Show some statistics of all multipath devices  that  the  multi-
                  pathd is monitoring.
           list|show maps|multipaths topology
                  Show the current multipath topology. Same as "multipath -ll".
           list|show topology
                  Show the current multipath topology. Same as "multipath -ll".
           list|show devices
                  Show  all available block devices by name including the informa-
                  tion if they are blacklisted or not.
           list|show status
                  Show the number of path checkers in  each  possible  state,  the
                  number  of  monitored paths, and whether multipathd is currently
                  handling a uevent.
           add path $path
                  Add a path to the list of monitored paths. $path is as listed in
                  /sys/block (e.g. sda).
           remove|del path $path
                  Stop  monitoring  a path. $path is as listed in /sys/block (e.g.
           add map $map
                  Add a multipath device to the list of  monitored  devices.  $map
                  can  either  be  a  device-mapper device as listed in /sys/block
                  (e.g. dm-0) or it can be the  alias  for  the  multipath  device
                  (e.g.   mpath1)  or  the  uid  of  the  multipath  device  (e.g.
           remove|del map $map
                  Stop monitoring a multipath device.
           resize map|multipath $map
                  Resizes map $map to the given size
           switch|switchgroup map $map group $group
                  Force a multipath device to switch to  a  specific  path  group.
                  $group is the path group index, starting with 1.
                  Reconfigures  the multipaths. This should be triggered automati-
                  cally after any hotplug event.
           suspend map|multipath $map
                  Sets map $map into suspend state.
           resume map|multipath $map
                  Resumes map $map from suspend state.
           fail path $path
                  Sets path $path into failed state.
           reinstate path $path
                  Resumes path $path from failed state.

    Linux Administrator's Manual November 2009 MULTIPATHD(8)


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